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An Interview with Grass Fires Founder Chris Bradley

Grass Fires magazine covers everything from music, art, skateboarding, pop-culture and a whole bunch more. The raddest thing about them is they give the spotlight to underground creatives on the come up. That exposure is important in an era where so many people are trying to get appreciated for their hard work.

They are dropping issue 4 on the 22nd of April and if you sort yourself out with previous issues you can score a free Palmz cap, which we are stoked to be apart of. We asked some questions to founder Chris Bradley about running and creating Grass Fires.


How's things been?

Fuckin’ strange man!! This WFH/ ISO thing is weird. Im busier than I have ever been but at the same time bored-as-fuck. Go figure.

From teaching high school art to running GF, what inspired you to make that change?

It’s always been something I wanted to do. Straight outa art school I went onto study teaching and for about 8 years after that’s all I did. I got sick of it and found it hard to maintain my own creative practice. It’s been a while since I have been a full time teacher. Before Grass Fires I juggled heaps of gigs. Practicing artist; tertiary art and design teacher; graphic designer and art director.

GF started as a passion project and has progressed organically, which is rad. Albeit with a lot of hard work!

What's the basic process from start to finish? Is it hell stressful trying to piece it all together for a deadline?

So weird that you asked me this. I just wrote these exact words for GF issue 4 ed’s letter:

The process goes a little something like this: Get ideas; work with our contributors to turn ideas into content; have a blast collecting said content; construct layout; begin editing process; change layout; hound advertisers for finished ads; address pagination; make final edits; finalise entire book (except ed’s letter), discover that some edits were not implemented – fuckin’ idiot; changes; changes; changes; and finally, write ed’s letter.

GF is rad because you give creatives who aren't really well known the spotlight. That is hard to come by these days. What made you want to give the underdog a chance?

Thanks boss! I guess that because we are the underdog! [laughs] A print mag in 2020?

I mean, what were we thinking! [laughs] Nah, I guess that’s at the core of what we do. We want to provide a platform for creatives big and small. It’s part of our ethos!

Being in the print media game in such a heavily digital world, how does that affect business? What are your thoughts on the future of it?

Business is going pretty well. I mean, we were never in this to make a million. It’s always been and always will be a passion project. In saying that, I’m so stoked on how far GF has come, but more so at the places it has taken me. I’ve met people I idolise and been able to work side by side with some amazing people. I reckon print will always be around. To be honest, I feel like the digital world has played a Darwinian role for print, weeding out shit titles and making more room for the good ones. There is still a bunch of amazing titles and I don’t think they are going anywhere.

What was your favourite piece in the last 3 issues that made you really hyped?

Aw dude. It’s so hard to say. I don’t think there is one single article I haven’t been stoked on. We have so many great contributors! They are what makes GF work and I’m so grateful to work with so many amazing creatives; amazing people!!

Can you give the people an insight into what’s under the cover in issue 4?

I have said this every issue but, Ill say it again, ‘this is our best yet!’ [laughs] I suppose this is a massive learning process for us and I’m super proud to see the mag develop to form a clear identity. We have some heavy hitters and some up-and-comers. However, because the majority of content for this issue was collected and assembled pre covid 19, it acts as a reminder of how creative, strong and resilient we are as people. We need to keep our chins up and keep charging forward. All of us!

Who or what are you stoked on right now?

DJ Javier, an artist from Calif, is killing it! I wont tell you heaps about him as he features in issue 4. You’ll have to go check out the interview. Dudes mental! He actually did the cover artwork for issue 4 (one of them at least). Skating always get me stoked. I don’t do nearly as much as I should these days but whenever I pick up a skateboard I feel that same hype as when I was a little charger. Skate films, podcasts…. Heaps of stuff!

Give us 3 records you’re listening to?

Speaking in tongues- Talking heads Teenager of the year – Frank Black All that glue – Sleaford Mods

Give us 3 things you hate?

Dishonesty Guns Dishonest people with guns

Give us 3 things you love?

The fam My mates Brisket

Instagram: @grassfires

Photo Credit: Barry Mansfield


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