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Chloé Kovska Interview

Chloé Kovska is a Melbourne based artist whose work is simply put...fucking rad! Chloé takes elements from pop culture, traditional tattoo, vintage erotica, fantasy and blends it all together to create her own original collection of art that is truly bad-ass. We asked some questions about the path towards her work and how she ended up creating her own unique style.


Hey Chloé, thanks for the chat. How are you keeping busy during the recent apocalypse?

Hey! I’m actually pretty lucky, I live a real low key life and have just kept painting in my studio like I usually would. I got an iso partner who’s pretty chill, which helps for the other cravings hahah.

How long have you been painting for?

My dads a painter, amongst other painters in my family, so I got that cliched ‘as long as I can remember’ answer.

Did you try any other creative outlets before the paint brush?

I started with painting and drawing in pencilsss. So I more dabbled after. I used to do ceramics and then just other mediums within the drawing realm.

You have such a unique style that anyone who knows your work can spot it out. How did you end up finding your look? Did it take a while or did it come pretty naturally?

Thanks! I grew up painting a lot of landscapes and realism...then moved to fantasy art a lot. I guess I really just enjoyed cartoons and shit like that, so I started trying to paint things how I wanted to see them. I kinda don’t know how it happened, I guess it slowly developed without me noticing really.

Who do you look to for inspiration or even just admire their work?

Inspiration comes from everything and anything. Not always people. Sometimes places, music, sometimes a feeling. Waaaaaaaay too many people I admire for their work on a daily basis to name.

Any advice to new artists trying to stand out?

I’d say keep doing your thing. Don’t listen to doubt or anyone else that doubts you. Be inspired but don’t rip people off, if you wanna be different. Make your own imprint in people’s heads. 

Whats next for you? Anything people should keep an eye out for?

Have a few things in the works which you’ll have to keep a look out for. 

Otherwise I am ready to evolve and grow!! Going to try some new things, try become a better painter.

Give us 3 records you’re listening to?




Give us 3 things you hate?

No need to put any negative vibes out! Plus too hard to sum it up to three..hahah

Give us 3 things you love?




Kind regards,

Chloé Kovska.

Instagram: @ckovska


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