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Dan Coy Interview

Recently we packed our bags and headed down south to Tassie. It only seemed right to link up with Traditional Tattoo artist Dan Coy who Tattoos out of Hobart Tattoo Collective. Dan is a really rad dude and has such a unique take on Traditional tattooing and is fucking great at what he does. We wanted to know more about his art form and lifestyle living down in Tasmania. Enjoy the Interview & Thanks for stopping by.


So Dan tell us about your come up and how you wound up doing this? I perused tattooing at a later age than most of my colleagues, I had done plenty of other jobs before including factory work and obtaining a trade in Horticulture.

I have always drawn to some extent for as long as I can remember but never had the drive to peruse a creative career, after having the support of my partner at the time Linda (now wife) I started looking into tattooing as an option, I got lucky with timing and landed a spot at a shop my friend had recently started working at.

The rest is history I guess, plenty of twists and turns in that story but this would be a novel if I go into too much detail.

Doing traditional tattooing, did it feel like a bunch of pressure to compete with others? I started late enough in the piece (2012) that Instagram was already a platform, seeing what every other tattooist around the world was doing each day was definitely a drive to better myself. These days I try not to watch what others do too much online and just try to put in a good tattoo, but I doubt myself daily still. Hardest mental thing to overcome during the process of learning and being a apprentice tattooist? Dealing with the pressure of putting something permanent on someone, while hurdling so many variables. It can be soul crushing at times. We spoke about guest spotting once the world opens back up, any idea on the first trip? I would say Melbourne, I have been guesting with my friends at The Grand Illusion for so many years they are like family.

Favourite thing about Tassie and what prompted the move from Central coast? Favourite thing is the people, I found this place so welcoming straight away. The move was prompted by house prices to be honest, where I am from has become impossible to get into the market so we had to think outside the box and tassie became a viable plan after some research. Tell us who or what inspires you creatively? I am lucky to be surrounded by amazing artist at the shop I work at in Hobart (Hobart tattoo Collective) who push me daily. Give us 3 records you're listening to? Turnstile-Glow on Koyo-Drives out east

Ekulu-Unscrew my head

Give us 3 things you hate?

The recent rise in spreading of misinformation Most modern pop music Not much else…

Give us 3 things you love?

My wife My cat My life

Instagram: @dcoytattoo


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