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Jake Norris Interview

Jake is known for shredding on his bike while making a living tattooing. We stumbled across his instagram years ago and were blown away by this dude and his talent. We ended up working together on the ‘Trip’ and ‘Wired’ tee’s, which he designed. We also re-used the rose design for the Dazed hat, it looked too bad ass to just be a one-off. It has been a pleasure throwing this dude free goods since. So we thought, why not shoot him some questions for your entertainment.


What are you doing to keep sane during these heavy times?

Pretty much been riding my flat rails, painting, skating /goin riding with my dog, drinkin beers, smokin joints and cooking a heap. Feels good to have the time to cook again as I used to be a chef before I started tattin.

How has it affected you with tattooing and skateparks closing?

Sucks that I can’t tat because it’s my only source of income. As for the skateparks closing it also sucks but up here in Rockhampton we don’t really have any parks that are any good anyway so not too bummed about that. I’d rather go ride the streets anyway hah.

What’s keeping you stoked on BMX right now?

To be honest I’m always stoked on bmx! I spend a lot of my spare time watching bmx videos. Skate videos also get me stoked to go out and ride. I simply love bmx.

In this digital age how do you feel about the divide between keeping your footage for a video part, or just putting them on the gram? You seem to juggle it well.

Well usually I just throw a clip on the gram that I film on my phone. I usually wouldn’t go out planning on filming an instagram clip, they are just usually something that happen. But when I’m planning on filming a real clip ill save that shit for whatever I’m working on or just save it for when I wanna use it for a certain video. Sometimes I save a clip for 2-3 years before I do anything with it. 

Who are some tattoo artist’s you’re hyped on?




Are some of my faves lately.

Tattoo or BMX if you had to pick one?

BMX for sure!

Give us 3 records you’re listening to?

Been listening to that new Violent Soho album lately, Giggs - Wamp 2 Dem and Shadow Of Intent - Melancholy 

I enjoy listening to a bunch of different shit. 

Give us 3 things you hate?

The dentist, running out of beer and stencilling/tattooing armbands hah.

Give us 3 things you love?

Family, Friends and havin a good time. 

Cheers Brother!

Mad love


Instagram: @jakenorris_


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